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Fall 4 Candles
Fall 4 Candles
Fall 4 Candles
Fall 4 Candles
Fall 4 Candles

Fall 4 Candles

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So long Summer! Hello Fall! Here at Kloud 9 Kandles our favorite season is FALL. So it's only right that we welcome you to get lit with us this fall. We promise you'll fall in love with our uniquely blended scents in this collection.
Apple-ly Ever After
Smells like fall leaves, cinnamon, and a trip to the apple orchard.
Top Notes: Juicy Red Apples
Middle Notes: Cinnamon and Clove
Bottom Notes: Vanilla bean
My Boo!
Smells like cuddle season, mahogany teakwood, and steal his favorite hoodie.
Top Notes: Mahogany Teakwood and Jasmine
Middle Notes: Sweet Musk
Bottom Notes: Soft sandalwood
This Bread is Bananas
Smells like bananas, cinnamon, and Moms baking our favorite again!
Top Notes: Bananas
Middle Notes: Sugared Walnuts
Bottom Notes: Spicy Cinnamon
Witches Love Brunch
Smells like warm butter, Sunday Bruch dates, and pass the syruppppp.
Top Notes: Buttery Pancakes
Middle Notes: Warm Maple Syrup
Bottom Notes: Sweet cream and cinnamon
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