Scent Descriptions

Below is a detailed list of our scent descriptions:


Our candles and wax melts come in a variety of colors.



Arctic Blue- A fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine scent.

Baby Fever- A true baby powder scent, sure to give you baby fever.

Beach Girl- An exotic island escape with a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet floral aroma and spicy vanilla.

Belle Isle- A Historical Isle located in Detroit, Michigan! Belle Isle is the largest city-owned island park in the United States. With an amazing fresh scent, this will surely remind you of a summer day on Belle Isle. This scent includes Himalayan Sea Salt, Lychee Fruit and Citrus,Cucumber Peel Extract, Sea moss and Pepino Melon with Coconut Water, Baltic Amber and Whipped Musk.

Breakfast in Bed- The ultimate breakfast in bed! Rich & Fluffy pumpkin flavored waffles, loaded with crushed pecans, drizzled with warm maple syrup, and topped with whipped cream.

Cherry Lemon Icee- Ripe & juicy cherries combined with freshly squeezed lemonade, blended into the ultimate summer refresher!

Cinna-Buns- Freshly baked cinnamon buns, glazed with sweet and gooey icing.

Detroit Blue Fizz- A Detroit Favorite. This Fizzy blend of blueberries and lemon will surely remind you of one of Detroit's Famous Pops.

Detroit Cowboy- This manly and woodsy scent reminds us Cowboys. This scent has a warm blend of cedar and amber. With light hints of fruit, musk and leather round out this pleasant aroma.

Granny's Pound Cake- This yummy smelling scent is a customer favorite. Granny's Pound Cake is a sure reminder of a freshly baked pound cake in Granny's kitchen. Drizzled in a zesty lemon icing, this scent is spot on.

I'm Chillin'- Warm and woody blend of sandalwood, sweet baby powder, and amber. This beautiful fragrance is infused with a striking blend of rich, fresh top notes and warm, spicy undertones enchanting with an evocative and surprising exuberance.

Love Magic- This magical fragrance consists of fruity sweet notes of Italian Bergamot, White Lady Peach and Strawberry mixed with middle notes of Apple Blossom, African Tamarind and a touch of Damask Rose.


Me, You, and Henny- Rich, creamy butterscotch mixed with Cognac and sweet vanilla to unite and Bring you Me, you and Henny.


Queen of the Nile- A sweet and fruity blend of raspberry, orange and lemon with hints of musk and sweet vanilla. 

Saturday Morning Cartoons- This fruity cereal scent reminds us of eating cereal while watching out favorite cartoons on a Saturday morning.

Woosah- This relaxing sage scent will surely remove negative energy from the room.


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