About Us

Kloud 9 Kandles is a candle company located and operated in Detroit, Michigan. We create highly scented wax melts, candles, and candle decor with our own unique blend of wax! No animals are harmed or tested during the manufacturing of our products.

Hello, and thanks for visiting Kloud 9 Kandles. My name is Kayla Halliburton and I am the Owner and Operator of Kloud 9 Kandles L.L.C. After three years of extensive testing and learning, In March of 2017, Kloud 9 Kandles was brought to life. I have always had a love for art and cooking. By creating candles I can combine both of my passions into one.

All of our products are hand crafted with love and the happiness of our customer in mind. I've decided to become an entrepreneur and do something that I enjoy. I am able to create my own hours and work in a stress free environment which helps me to provide my customers with the best products and customer service available. All of our scents are savory and made with the highest quality ingredients available.

    After doing some research, I found that the sense of smell is closely linked to our memory. More closely than any of our other senses. Scents can bring back old memories or trigger emotions. After a scent enters our nostrils, it hits the olfactory bulb, which processes neural inputs and relays their information to the brain. The olfactory bulb is a powerful center in the brain that contains many receptor cells. Once smells are identified by the olfactory bulb, they’re sent to two locations known as the amygdala and the hippo campus. These locations process smells on a higher level which involve memory and emotion.


At Kloud 9 Kandles, our mission is to help create long lasting memories and bring about relaxation and happiness through our delightful scents.

Savor the Scents of  Kloud 9 Kandles.


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